I love Seniors. My very first subjects when I started this business over 10 years ago were Seniors! This is such a special freaking time in your life & I love capturing your personality & your passions at this age.

I post all of my Senior work on my special Insta just for yall (@sarasseniors) - check out more there & speak with me directly through my contact form about booking!


full session - $450


2 hours of coverage
multiple locations
no outfit limit


mini session - $200
1 hour of coverage
1 location
1-2 outfit limit


Add a roll of 35mm film to your package!

$60 covers the cost of the roll (about 36 shots), scanning/developing with a professional lab, & shipping costs. You'll receive digital files back as a part of your gallery!

These photos are taken on a point & shoot film camera from the 90's that I thrifted. They are perfectly imperfect & so much fun!

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